Customer Prospecting Cards

Ralph Menard
Menard Advertising
Concord NH 03301-7889
Do you have the need to reach out to more clients with an affordable and effective program?

We have been working with Bankers Life and Casualty offices for more then 20 years. We offer one time or monthly programs set up to accommodate individual budgets and needs.

On the left are samples of the cards we have printed for BLC clients. We can design a card specific for individual offices if necessary, however the more standardized we can be the better we can keep prices down.

You can get a list of names off any spreadsheet and have your salespeople pound away on the phones - BUT - that gets old for any calling methods. 

With our Prospecting Cards the sales person has a "hard copy" of each prospect with only the necessary information printed. There is always enough room on each card for the salesperson to make notes and comments. Also, has the hard copy to bring to meetings for advice or recognition.

Each set of cards come to you alphabetized by City, Age, Income or any other criteria you chose. We take each list and remove address doubles and age groups you may not want to contact.
If we can help you as we have several BLC offices please let me know. We will give you a quote on any Card Program(s) that may interest you.

NOTE: Please pass this on to other BLC Managers that may be interested in our service.